Salva de la Puente

Pensamientos & código


I'm shutting down and creating this brand new site to be my personal website.

Since I joined Mozilla's DevRel team past Summer, I've had few opportunities to do web development. Don't get me wrong. DevRel in Mozilla is a very technical department, but it is not only technical, and my personal situation implies more than coding.

Therefore, I miss hacking. Specifically, I miss web hacking so that I will be using this site to create a modern, fast, reliable, cool, progressive enhanced personal website and share technical stuff (or thoughts on professional stuff).

Anyway, If you want to know more about what I'm doing currently, Christian Heilmann has an excellent post on what a developer advocate does. Take the section about Inbound tasks, add some Progressive Web Apps and you'll get and idea about my activities in Mozilla.

You can also found some selected posts from my old website. They will be published with dates before 2017.